ZHU Jian
  Name:ZHU Jian
 Tel: 86-512-65880726


Email: chemzhujian@suda.edu.cn

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Department of polymer science and engineering

Soochow University, 199 Ren-ai Rd., Suzhou, 215123, P.R.China     

Tel: 0512-65880726                  Fax: 0512-65882787

Email: chemzhujian@suda.edu.cn



Ph.D. Soochow University, 2000.9-2004.6;

M. Sc.  Soochow University, 1995.9-1998.6;

B. Sc. Soochow University, 1991.9-1995.6.


Working Experience

1998.7~now, Department of polymer science and engineering, Soochow University.

2009.10 ~2010.9, The Pennsylvania State University, Post-doc.

2006.2 ~2007.1, National University of Singapore, Post-doc.

2001.12 ~2002.6, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Research Fellow.


Research Interests

1.       Selenium-containing polymers.

2.       Precision design and synthesis polymer.

3.       High refractive index polymer materials.

4.       Stimuli-responsive polymer materials.



1.    Second class prize of Science and Technology by Ministry of Education, 2009.

2.    Suxin Research award by Soochow University, 2008.

3.    Second class prize of Science and Technology by Jiangsu Province, 2002.



National Natural Science Foundation:

50803044, 2009~2011. 

21374067, 2014-2017


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