Education and Working Experience: 

Zexin Zhang received his B.S. from Jilin University in 2000, his M.Sc. from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003, and his Ph.D. from the University of Bristol, UK in 2007. He joined the faculty of the Soochow University in 2010, following postdoctoral research at LRSM, University of Pennsylvania. Presently he is a professor of polymer science, professor of physics at Soochow University. He also holds the Jiangsu Specially-Appointed Professor position. His primary appointment is at the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, he is also a faculty member of Center for Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Research at Soochow University. He received the Outstanding Youth Foundation Awards from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2015. He has been an editorial board member (sub-field: soft matter chemistry and physics) of Scientific Reports since 2013.


Research Interests:

Soft Matter Chemistry and Physics.  (1) Design and synthesis of novel colloidal and polymeric materials; (2)Structure and dynamics of soft matter systems (polymer, colloid, liquid crystal, bacteria and cell etc.); and (3) Application of Video microscopy and Image analysis in materials science research.


Selected Publication:

1. Soft Matter Chemistry: Design and Synthesis of Novel Colloidal and Polymeric Materials

[1] Wang, H.; Li, B.; Yodh, A. G.*; Zhang,Z. X.* Stimuli-Responsive Shape Switching of Polymer Colloids by Temperature-Sensitive Absorption of Solvent. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 9952 -9955

[2] Li, B. H.; Wang, M.; Chen, K.; Cheng, Z. F.; Chen, G. J.; Zhang, Z. X.* Synthesis of Biofunctional Janus Particles. Macromolecular Rapid Communications2015, 36, 1200-1204.

[3] Luo, F.; Cheng, Z.; Wang, M.; Chen, G.; Zhang,Z. X.* Synthesis of soft colloids with well-controlled softness. Chemical Communications2014, 50, 7535-7537.

[4] Cheng, Z.; Luo, F.; Zhang, Z. X.*;Ma, Y.* Syntheses and applications of concave and convex colloids with precisely controlled shapes. Soft Matter2013, 9, 11392-11397.

2. Soft Matter PhysicsColloidal Glass, Self-assembly of Colloidal and Polymeric Systems, Biophysics

[1] Zhang, Z. X.*; Xu, N.*; Chen, D. T.N.; Yunker, P.; Alsayed, A. M.; Aptowicz, K. B.; Habdas, P.; Liu, A. J.; Nagel, S. R.; Yodh, A. G. Thermal vestige of the zero-temperature jamming transition. Nature2009,459, 230-233.

[2] Zhang, Z. X.*; Yunker, P. J.; Habdas, P.; Yodh, A. G. Cooperative Rearrangement Regions and Dynamical Heterogeneities in Colloidal Glasses with Attractive Versus Repulsive Interactions. Physical Review Letters2011,107, 208303.

[3] Wei, G. M.; Zhao, C. Z.; Hollingsworth, J.; Zhou, Z.; Jin, F.; Zhang, Z. X.*; Cheng, H.*; Han, C. C. Mechanism of two-dimensional crystal formation from soft microgel particles. Soft Matter2013,9, 9924-9930.

[4] Peng, Y.; Wang, F.; Wang, Z.; Alsayed, A. M.; Zhang, Z. X.; Yodh, A. G.; Han, Y.* Two-step nucleation mechanism in solid-solid phase transitions. Nature Materials2015,14,101-108.

3. Applications of Video Microscopy in Chemistry and Materials Science Research

[1] Wang, H.; Zhang, Z. X.*, Application of video microscopy in experimental soft matter physics (in Chinese). Acta Physica Sinica2016, 65, 178705.

[2] Wang, Y.; Wang, H.*; Zhang, Z. X., Application of video microscopy in probing structures and dynamics of micromotor systems (in Chinese). Chin. Sci. Bull., 2017, 62, 186–193

[3] Yin, Y.; Niu, L.; Zhu, X.; Zhao, M.; Zhang, Z. X.; Mann, S.; Liang, D.* Non-equilibrium behaviour in coacervate-based protocells under electric-field-induced excitation. Nature Communications2016, 7, 10658.

[4] Wang, W.; Duan, W.; Zhang, Z. X.; Sun, M.; Sen, A.; Mallouk, T. E.* A tale of two forces: simultaneous chemical and acoustic propulsion of bimetallic micromotors. Chemical Communications2015, 51, 1020-1023

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