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Research Interests:
Process innovations, bio-inspired process engineering, large scale food processing, powder technology, drying (spray drying in particular), falling film evaporation, frying, powder agglomeration, lumping and caking, powder functionality, heat exchanger fouling, cleaning, new coating for anti-fouling purposes, heat and mass transfer, evaporation processes, membrane operations, immobilised enzyme processes, waste utilisation, scale-up design and commissioning, computer simulation of industrial processes, innovative designs to reduce cost and environmental impact to resolve large scale practical difficulty.
PhD (Chemical and Process Engineering), University of Canterbury, NZ (1991)
BE (Engineering Thermophysics), Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (1987)
MSc (Mathematics), University of New South Wales, Australia (2014)
Academic/Professional experience:
Professor Xiao Dong Chen, after working for Fonterra New Zealand for 2.5 years on food particle technology, he took up a lectureship at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. He was made a Personal Chair of Chemical Engineering in 2001 at The University of Auckland. In 2006, he was appointed to the Chair of Biotechnology and Professor of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with industries in New Zealand and in Australia, and has now also initiated projects with several large companies in China.
       He has published over 440 refereed journal articles and 220 conference papers (over 30 were Keynote or Plenary Lectures), 3 books (the most recent one being Modelling Drying Processes – A Reaction Engineering Approach published by Cambridge University Press, 2013), 20 book chapters, and over 50 reports on industrial consulting projects. He has received many awards of distinction including Shedden Uhde (Chemeca) Medal (1999), ER Cooper Medal (2002), John Hood Fellowship (2005), Nan-qiang Scholar (2004), Inaugural Fonterra (Chemeca) Award (2006), ADC Award of Excellence in Drying Research (2007), AFISA Award for Excellence in Drying R & D (2008), Monash Engineering Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research (2009), Monash Vice Chancellor Special Commendation Award for Best PhD Supervisor (2010), and two Highest Level Talent Program recipients (Fujian and Jiangsu Province respectively, China). In August 2014, he was presented with the IDS’s Founder Award provided by Taylor and Francis in Lyon, France.
       He was the Deputy Head of Chemical Engineering and was the Associate Dean International for the Faculty of Engineering at Monash (2007-2009). From early 2010 to the end of 2012, he held a 1000-Talent National Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Executive Headship of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Xiamen University. 
       Professor Xiao Dong Chen is an Elected Fellow of Royal Society of New Zealand since 2001 and an Elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering since 2007, and is a Fellow of IChemE (UK) from 2001.
       His main areas of research are in bio-inspired chemical engineering, food engineering and biotechnology, separation processes including drying and membrane processing, heat transfer and mass transfer including fouling, cleaning and drying, safety processes including spontaneous combustion of solid materials, powder technology and powder functionality including food and pharmaceutical particulates. In January 2013, he has begun his role as the University Distinguished Professor and Head of School at Soochow University (Suzhou, PR China). He has established a new School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering there.
       Professor Xiao Dong Chen has remained as Adjunct Professors at Xiamen University (China) and Monash University (Australia).

Selected Publications:

Chen, X.D., Chen, P., Wu, W. D. (2014) An analytical relationship of concentration dependent interfacial solute distribution coefficient for aqueous layer freeze concentration. AIChE Journal (article first published online: 20 Jan 2015, doi: 10.1002/aic.14722)

Wang, Y., Che, L.M., Selomulya, C., Chen, X.D. (2014) Droplet drying behaviour of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-containing emulsion. Chemical Engineering Science 106, 181-189

Xiao, J., Chen, X.D. (2014) Multiscale modeling for surface composition of spray-dried two-component powders. AIChE Journal 60(7), 2416-2427

Putranto, A., Chen, X.D. (2012) Spatial reaction engineering approach as an alternative for non-equilibrium multiphase mass-transfer model for drying of food and biological materials. AIChE Journal 59(1), 55-67

Rogers, S., Fang, Y., Lin, S.X.Q., Selomulya, C. and Chen, X.D. (2012) A monodisperse spray dryer for milk powder: Modelling the formation of insoluble material. Chemical Engineering Science 71, 75-84

Chen, X.D., Sidhu, H., Nelson, M. (2011) Theoretical probing of the phenomena of formation of the outmost surface layer of a multi-component particle and the surface chemical composition after the rapid removal of water in spray drying. Chemical Engineering Science 66(24), 6375-6384

Amelia, R., Wu, W.D., Cashion, J., Bao, P., Zheng, R., Chen, X.D. and Selomulya, C. (2011) Microfluidic spray drying as a versatile assembly route of functional particles. Chemical Engineering Science 66(22), 5531-5540

Wu, W.D., Lin, S.X.Q., Selomulya, C., Chen, X.D. (2011) Assembly of uniform photoluminescent microcomposites using a novel micro-fluidic-jet-spray-dryer. AIChE Journal 57(10), 2726-2737

Putranto, A., Chen, X.D., Xiao, Z.Y., Davastin, S., Webley, P.A. (2011) Application of the reaction engineering approach (REA) for modeling intermittent drying under time-varying humidity and temperature. Chemical Engineering Science 66(10), 2149-2156

Wu, W. D., Lin,S.X.Q. and Chen, X.D. (2011) Monodisperse droplet formation through a continuous jet break-up using glass nozzles operated with piezoelectric pulsation. AIChE Journal 57(6), 1386-1392

Fu, N., Woo, M.W., Lin, S.X.Q., Zhou, Z.H. and Chen, X.D. (2011) Reaction engineering approach (REA) to model the dryng kinetics of droplets with different initial sizes – experiments and analyses. Chemical Engineering Science 66(8), 1738-1747

Putranto, A., Chen, X.D. and Webley, P. (2010) Application of the reaction engineering approach (REA) to model cyclic drying of thin layers of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/glycerol/water mixture. Chemical Engineering Science 65(18), 5193-5203

Qin, F.G.F., Yang, M.L., Yang, X.X., Chen, X.D., Abeynaike, A. (2009) Experimental and thermal analysis of washing the packed ice bed in wash columns. AIChE Journal 55(11), 2835-2847

Patel, K., Chen, X.D., Lin, S.X.Q., Adhikari, B. (2009) A composite reaction engineering approach to drying of aqueous droplets containing sucrose, maltodextrin (DE6) and their mixtures. AIChE Journal 55(1), 217-231

Patel, K. and Chen, X.D. (2008) Surface-centre temperature differences within milk droplets during convective drying and drying-based Biot number analysis. AIChE Journal 54(12), 3273-3290

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