Name:LIAMG Guozheng
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Professor (Materials Science)

MS. Northwestern Polytechnic University (1989)

Ph.D. Northwestern Polytechnic University (1997)


Research Interests: Heat-resistant polymers, Advanced polymeric composites, Surface and interface of composites


Representative Publications

1.    Binghao Wang, Limei Liu, Lizhen Huang, Guozheng Liang. Fabrication and origin of high-k carbon nanotube/epoxy composites with low dielectric loss through layer-by-layer casting technique. CARBON, 2015, 85: 28-37.

2.    Wang, Tongxing; Liang, Guozheng; Yuan, Li; Unique hybridized graphene and its high dielectric constant composites with enhanced frequency stability, low dielectric loss and percolation threshold. CARBON, 2014, 77: 920-932.

3.    Jin, Wenqin; Yuan, Li; Liang, Guozheng. Multifunctional cyclotriphosphazene/hexagonal boron nitride hybrids and their flame retarding bismaleimide resins with high thermal conductivity and thermal stability. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014, 6: 14931-14944.

4.    Xiaoling Zhu, Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. Unique UV-resistant and surface active aramid fibers with simultaneously enhanced mechanical and thermal properties by chemically coating Ce0.8Ca0.2O1.8 having low photocatalytic activity. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A  2014, 2 : 11286-11298.

5.    Zhiyong Zhang; Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. Unique hybridized carbon nanotubes and their high performance flame retarding composites with high smoke suppression, good toughness and low curing temperature. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 2014, 2: 4975-4988.

6.    Xiangxiu Chen, Juhua Ye, Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. Multi-functional ladderlike polysiloxane: synthesis, characterization and its high performance flame retarding bismaleimide resins with simultaneously improved thermal resistance, dimensional stability and dielectric properties. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A  2014, 2: 7491-7501.   

7.    Yicheng Jiao, Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. Facile preparation and origin of high-k carbon nanotube/poly(Ether Imide)/bismaleimide composites through controlling the location and distribution of carbon nanotubes. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2014, 118: 24091-24101.

8.    Binghao Wang, Yicheng Jiao, Aijuan Gu, Guozheng Liang, Li Yuan. Dielectric properties and mechanism of composites by superposing expanded graphite/cyanate ester layer with carbon nanotube/cyanate ester layer. COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  2015, 91: 8-15.

9.    Chen, Xiangxiu, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu, Li Yuan. Flame retarding cyanate ester resin with low curing temperature, high thermal resistance, outstanding dielectric property, and low water absorption for high frequency and high speed printed circuit broads. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2015, 54: 1806-1815.

10. Hongrui Zhang, Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. Effect and origin of the structure of hyperbranched polysiloxane on the surface and integrated performances of grafted Kevlar fibers. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2014, 320: 883-894.

11. Zhixiang Qiang, Liang, Guozheng; Gu, Aijuan. The dielectric behavior and origin of high-k composites with very low percolation threshold based on unique multi-branched polyaniline/carbon nanotube hybrids and epoxy resin. COMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING 2014, 64: 1-10.

12. Qiang, Zhixiang; Li Yuan, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu. The interaction between unique hyperbranched polyaniline and carbon nanotubes, and its influence on the dielectric behavior of hyperbranched polyaniline/carbon nanotube/epoxy resin composites. JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH  2014, 16:  2391.

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