Name:Li Hua
Tel: 86-512-65880368
Fax: 86-512-65880367
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B.Sc. Soochow University (2000)
MA.Sc. Soochow University (2003)
Ph.D. Soochow University (2011)
Research Interests:
Design and synthesis of organic electric memory materials and fabrication of devices; Polymeric absorbent materials and application in waste recycle.

Representative Publications
1.       Hua Li, Qingfeng Xu, Najun Li, Ru Sun, Jianfeng Ge, Jianmei Lu*, Hongwei Gu, Feng Yan, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 5546.
2.       Hua Li, Najun Li, Hongwei Gu, Qingfeng Xu, Feng Yan, Jianmei Lu*,Xuewei Xia, Jianfeng Ge, Lihua Wang. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C, 2010, 114, 6117.
3.       Hua Li, Najun Li, Ru Sun, Hongwei Gu, Jianfeng Ge, Jianmei Lu*, Qingfeng Xu*, Xuewei Xia, Lihua Wang . The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C, 2011,  115, 8288.
4.       Hua Li, Zhengneng Jin, Najun Li, Qingfeng Xu, Hongwei Gu, Jianmei Lu*, Xuewei Xia, Lihua Wang . Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011, 21, 5860.
5.       LI Hua, LU JianMei*, LI NaJun, XU QingFeng, GE JianFeng, WANG LiHua & LUAN ZhaoChang. Science in China Series B: Chemistry, 2010, V53, 588.
6.       Li, Najun, Lu, Jianmei*, Li, Hua, Kang, En-Tang. DYES AND PIGMENTS, 2011, V88, 18-24.
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