Name:QIN Chuanxiang
Title:Associate Professor
 Tel: 86-512-65880967 (Lab)

Fax:86-512-65880089 (o)


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 Research Interests: Preparation of functional polymer materials;Synthesis of organic fluorescence dyes with outstanding optical properties;Synthesis of rare-earth doped inorganic or polymer luminescence materials.
Representative Publications
1.C.X. Qin,  M.Y. Zhou, X.M. Wang, G.Q. Chen. The Synthesis and Optical properties of three stilbene-type dyes. Dye and Pigments. 2008, 77(3): 678-685 
2.        C.X. Qin, W.Z. Zhang, M.Y. Zhou, X.M. Wang, G.Q. Chen. Optical properties of stilbene-type dyes containing various terminal donor and acceptor groups. Optical Material. 2008, 30(10): 1607-1815
3.        C.X. Qin,  X.M. Wang, G.Q. Chen. Synthesis of Polyimide oligomer attached with hemicyanine dye, Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2009, 113:1448-1453
4.        C.X. Qin,  Si Cheng, J.J. Wang, X.M. Wang, G.Q. Chen.Fluorescent performance of electrospun polyimide web mixed with hemicyanine dye. Materials Letters, 2009, 63(15): 1239-1241. 
5.        C.X. Qin, X.M. Wang, J-J. Wang, J.Y. Mao, J.Y. Yang, L.X. Dai, G.Q. Chen.. The synthesis and Photo-Physical Properties of a Hemicyanine Dye. Dyes and Pigments, 2009, 82(3): 329-335.
6.        C.X. Qin,  R.C. Tang, B. Chen, G.Q. Chen. Study on the dyeing properties of hemicyanine dyes. Part: Acrylic fabrics. Fibers and polymers, 2010.11(2)193-198
7.        C.X. Qin, D.W. Chen, R-C. Tang, Y.L. Huang, X.M. Wang, G.Q. Chen. Studies on the silk fabric dyed with one hemicyanine dye. Coloration Technology. 2010, 126(5): 303-307
8.        C.X. Qin, M.B. Gu, J. Xu, J-J. Wang, L.X. Dai,G.Q. Chen. Synthesis and the luminescence properties of Eu6WO12 nanocrystallites. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 2010.157:(11K227-K231
9.        C.X. Qin, G.Q. Chen, M.B. Gu, L.X. Dai.Spectrum Analysis of La6WO12:Eu3+ and La6MoO12:Eu3+ Nano-crystals. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences & Numerical Simulation.2010,11(suppl): 327-330
10.     C.X. Qin, M.B. Gu, L.X. Dai, G.Q. Chen. Study on the electrospun fluorescent nanofiber webs doped with hemicyanine dye [J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 175-176: 593-597 
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