Name:SUN Donghao
Title:Associate Professor
 Tel: 86-512-6598286718913583665 (Lab)

Fax:86-512-65982862 (o)


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B.Sc. Yangzhou University ollege (1984)

Ph.D. Suzhou University (2003)


Research Interests: synthesis and electrical properties of conducting polymers with micro or nanometer structure and applied research on5555555555555555 silk protein composites used as functional materials.


Representative Publications

1. The synthesis and electrical properties of highly conductive polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol composite films, D. H. Sun, J. Li, Synthetic Fibre, 1998, 2, 13.

2. Preparation and characteristics of PPy/SF conductive composites, D.H. Sun, Silk, 2009, 4, 13.

3. Study of the preparation, structure and properties of silk fibroin gel, D. H. Sun, Z. Y. Wu, J. P. Sun,  J. of Textile research, 2003, 2, 12.

4. Surface modification of anionic polyurethane with silk fibroin peptide and its effects on thecCulture of fibroblasts, D. H. Sun, Z. Y. Wu, M. Z. Li, L. Bai, W. H. Sheng,  J. of Donghua University, 2007, 6, 695.

5. Silk fibroin-modified poly(butadiene) urethane films and their effects on fibroblast viability, D. H. Sun, Z. Y. Wu, M. Z. Li, L. Bai, W. H. Sheng, J. of Donghua University, 2008, 6, 680.        


6  Physico-Chemical properties of a water-insoluble silk fibroin film, D.H. Sun, J.Z. Hu, L.X. Dai, M.Z. Li, L. Bai,   J. of Donghua University,  2010, 4, 566.


7. Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline Micro/nanotubes doped with trifluoroacetic acid,  J.Z. Hu, D. H. Sun, L.X. Dai, L.Bai,  J. of polymer materials sci.  2011, 4, 121.

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