Name:SHEN Fenglei
Title:Associate Professor
 Tel: 86-13862595771


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 Research Interests: preparation and modification of polymer and composite
Representative Publications
1. Preparation of Diamond-like Carbon Films on the Surface of Ti Alloy by Electro-deposition. F. L. SHEN*, H. W. Wang, D. J. Wen. J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2004, 20, 367.                                                                               (1), (EI and SCI)
2. Influence of deposition condition on diamond-like carbon films by liquid deposition on the surface of Ti alloy. F. L. Shen*, D. J. Wen, H. W. Wang. Journal of Functional Materials. 2005, 36, 1278
3.溶胶-凝胶法原位制备聚酰亚胺 SiO2复合薄膜研究. 沈风雷*, 曹清华, 徐世华.中国塑料. 2008, 22, 46
4.溶胶-凝胶法制备Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu发光材料及其性能研究. 沈风雷*. 稀土. 2009, 30, 92
5. Effect of Heat-Setting Temperature on the Structure and Performance of Ultra-Fine Denier PET Full Drawing Yarn. Shen Fenglei*, Chen Guoqiang, Ding Jiangzhong, Dai Juyan. Advanced Materials Research. 2011, Vols. 197-198: 1276~1280
6. Study on the structure and property of ultra-fine denier PET full drawing yarn: effect of draw ratio and take-up velocity. Shen Fenglei*, Chen Guoqiang, Ding Jiangzhong, Dai Juyan, Yu xiufeng. Advanced materials research. 2011, 217-218:377~382
7. Preparation and characterization of TiO2 photocatalysts co-doped with iron (III) and lanthanum for the degradation of organic pollutants. Qiangqiang Wang, Shihua Xu and Fenglei Shen*. Applied surface science, 2011
8. Solvothermal synthesis of magnetic Fe3O4 microparticles via self-assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Zhang, Wei. Shen, Fenglei* Hong, Ruoyu. Source: Particuology, v 9, n 2, p 179-186, April 2011
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