Name:SHEN Liming
Tel: 86-512-65882867 (Lab)
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Professor (Chemical Education)
B.S.,Suzhou University (1982)
M.S., Suzhou University(1998)
Ph.D. Suzhou University (2006)
Visiting scholar, Xiamen University (2004-2005)
Research Interests: chemistry teacher training; chemical experiments; chemical learning strategies
Representative Publications
1.Research into Chemistry Teaching , Shen Li-Ming,Jiangsu University Press,2010
2. Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles by Two Step Electrolysis and Investigation on Their SERS Activities, Shen Li-Ming ;Yao Jian-Lin ;Gu Ren-Ao*, Acta Chimica Sinica,2007,653,203
3.Investigation on Middle School Students’ Chemistry Concept Learning,Yang Dongyi, Shen Li-Ming*,Chemical Education, 2011,10, 65
4.Design Perspectives of Chemical Inquiry Subject,Liu Lili; Shen Li-Ming*,Chemical Education, 2010,12,21
5. Investigation on Worry of Suzhou Chemistry Teacher for Inquiry-based Experiments,Shen Li-Ming*et al,Chemical Education, 2010,11,54
6.Investigation on Chemical Inquiry Learning of senior Middle School Students, Mao Qun-Yin,Shen Li-Ming*,Chemical Education, 2009,4,47
7. Comparison and Utility of Culumns of the Elective Teaching Material of Organic Chemistry (3 sets), Cao Yin-Quan,Shen Li-Ming*, Chemical Education,2009,10,20
8. How to Train Students' Meta-cognitive Ability in Chemical teachingShen Li-Ming* ,Zhu YanTeaching and Learning Reference for Middle School Chemistry, 2008,1,10
9.Instruction of New Chemical Knowledge with Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory,Shen Li-Ming* Tian Jun, Teaching and Learning Reference for Middle School Chemistry,2007,10,14
10.Using Orthogonal Design to Probe Bonding effect of Sodium Carbonate Mao Qun-Yin,Shen Li-Ming*,Chemical Teaching, 2008,2,47
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