Name:WANG Zuoshan
Title:Associate Professor
Tel: 13771816910

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 Research Interests:
The preparation and application of functional nanomaterials, the defects control of the inorganic materials, interface design and processing of composites.

Representative Publications:

[1] Preparation of hollow carbon nanospheres via explosive detonation. Zuoshan Wang, Fengsheng Li. Materials Letters, 2009, 63: 58-60.

[2] Preparation and mechanism of nanometer Al5N6 via shock wave plasma technique. Fengbin Lei, Zuoshan Wang*, Baoguo Zhao. Materals Recssearch Bulletin, 2009, 44: 198-201.

[3] Fabrication of the CN co-doped rod-like TiO2 photocatalyst with visible-light responsive photocatalytic activity. LiangHai Li, Juan Lu, Zuoshan Wang*, Lu Yang, Xiufeng Zhou, Lu Han. Materials Research Bulletin, 2012, 47(6): 1508-1512.

[4] Preparation and photocatalytic properties of AgI-SnO2 nano-composites. Biao Wen, Xiaohui Wang, Juan Lu, Jialei Cao, Zuoshan Wang*. Materials Research Bulletin, 2013, 48(5): 1806-1810.

[5] Synthesis of visible-light-active TiO2-based photocatalysts by a modified sol-gel method. Juan Lu, Lianghai Li, Zuoshan Wang*, Biao Wen, Jialei Cao. Materials Letters, 2013, 94: 147-149.

[6] Enhancement of visible light activity in Ag modified SnO2/TiO2. Xiufeng Zhou, Jialei Cao, Mengfei Xu, Zuoshan Wang, Juan Lu*.  Materials Research Bulletin, 2013, 48: 4942-4946.

[7] Simple fabrication of rod-like N-doped TiO2/Ag with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity. Xiufeng Zhou, Juan Lu, Mengfei Xu, Zuoshan Wang*. Ceramics International, 2014 , 40: 3975-3979.

[8] Simple fabrication of N–doped mesoporous TiO2 nanorods with enhanced visible–light photo–catalytic activity. Xiufeng Zhou, Juan Lu, Zuoshan Wang*, et al. Nanoscale research letters, 2014, 9:34.

[9] Synthesis of ZnO/CaF2 nanocomposites with good antibacterial property and poor photocatalytic activity. Yanjing Zhu, Zuoshan Wang, Jialei Cao, Xiufeng Zhou, Juan Lu*Materials Letters, 2013, 108: 103105.

[10] Functional control of ZnO Nanoparticles by F, C codoping. Jialei Cao, Juan Lu , Xiufeng Zhou , Zuoshan Wang*, Xiaobin Li. Functional Materials Letters, 2014, 7(1): 1350071.

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