Name:WANG Hongwei
Title:Associate Professor
Tel: 86-512-65880567 (Lab)

Fax:86-512-65880583 (o)


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Education Background:

1993-1997  Henan Normal University, B.Sc.

1997-2002  Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.

2002-2003  Johns Hopkins University, USA, Postdoc.

2003-2008  Wuhan University of Technology, Associate Professor.

2008-2010  Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins, CNRS, Lyon 1 University, France, Postdoc.

2010- Soochow University, Associate Professor.


Research Interests:

Molecular biological mechanism of the interactions in the biointerface of cell – polymer surface;

Synthesis of functional biopolymers;

Growth and differentiation of stem cell on biomaterials;

Protein engineering for biomedical applications.

Recent Publications:

1. Feng Liu, Yuecheng Cui, Lei Wang, Hongwei Wang*, Yuqi Yuan, Jingjing Pan, Hong Chen, Lin Yuan*. Temperature-responsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) modified gold nanoparticle-protein conjugates for bioactivity modulation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b02502.

2. Wenwen Jiang, Xiaoli Liu, Di Wu, Hongwei Wang*, Yanwei Wang, Hong Chen, Lin Yuan*. A simple, rapid one-step ELISA using antibody–antibody complex. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 2015, 62, 126-131.

3. Lei Wang, Lin Yuan, Hongwei Wang*, Xiaoli Liu, Xinming Li, Hong Chen*. A new strategy for reversible modulation of protein activity through site-specific conjugation of small molecule and polymer. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2014, 25, 1252-1260.

4. Min Tan, Hongwei Wang,* Yanyun Wang, Gaojian Chen, Lin Yuan*, Hong Chen. Recyclable antibacterial material: silicon grafted with 3,6-O-sulfated chitosan and specifically bound by lysozyme. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014, 2, 569-576.

5. Jingjing Pan, Zhonglin Lyu, Wenwen Jiang, Hongwei Wang*, Qi Liu, Min Tan, Lin Yuan*, Hong Chen. Stimulation of gene transfection by silicon nanowire arrays modified with polyethylenimine. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2014, 6, 14391-14398.

6. Yajun Xu, Lei Wang, Wenwen Jiang, Hongwei Wang,* Jianlin Yao, Qinghua Guo, Lin Yuan,* Hong Chen. Silicon nanowire arrays - A new catalyst for the reduction of nitrobenzene derivatives. ChemCatChem, 2013, 5, 3788-3793.

7. Hongwei Wang*, Wenwen Jiang, Yanwei Wang, Xiaoli Liu, Jianlin Yao, Lin Yuan, Zhaoqiang Wu, Dan Li, Bo Song, Hong Chen*. Catalase-like and peroxidase-like catalytic activities of silicon nanowire arrays. Langmuir, 2013, 29, 3-7.

8. Hongwei Wang, Wenwen Jiang, Lin Yuan*, Lei Wang, Hong Chen*. Reductase-like activity of silicon nanowire arrays. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5, 1800-1805.

9. Hongwei Wang, Yanwei Wang, Lin Yuan*, Lei Wang, Weikang Yang, Zhaoqiang Wu, Dan Li, Hong Chen*. Thermally responsive silicon nanowire arrays for native/denatured protein separation. Nanotechnology, 2013, 24, 105101.

10. Hongwei Wang, Lei Wang, Lin Yuan*, Weikang Yang, John L Brash, Hong Chen*. Inhibitory effect of silicon nanowires on the polymerase chain reaction. Nanotechnology, 2012, 23, 365101.

11. Hongwei Wang, Lin Yuan*, Tieliang Zhao, He Huang, Hong Chen*. Altered enzymatic activity of lysozymes bound to variously sulfated chitosans. Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, 2012, 30, 893-899.

12. Hongwei Wang, Lei Wang, Pengchao Zhang, Lin Yuan, Qian Yu, Hong Chen*. High antibacterial efficiency of pDMAEMA modified silicon nanowire arrays. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2011, 83: 355-359.


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