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Add:      199 Ren-Ai Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park,
              Suzhou, Jiangsu 215123, China
Phone:    +86-512-65883267
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·        Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 5/2010
·        M.S., Materials Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 5/2009
·        M.S., Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 8/2006
·        M.S., Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China, 3/2004
·        B.S., Industrial Automation, Zhejiang University, China, 7/2001
·        Postdoctoral research associate, Applied Sciences Laboratory, Washington State University, Spokane, WA, 3/2010-3/2012
·        Professor, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Soochow University, 4/2012 - present
Research Interests:
·        Multiscale systems science and engineering
§         Modeling, design, control and optimization
·        Nanomaterials design and manufacturing
§         Modeling of structure-processing-property relationships
§         Goal-driven systematic design
·        Applied research
§         Sustainable manufacturing: metallic coating application (e.g., electroplating), polymeric coating application (e.g., auto and aircraft painting), food manufacturing
§         Multifunctional nanomaterials design: self-cleaning coatings, anti-icing coatings, self-healing smart coatings, organic solar cells
§         Electrochemical energy systems: Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, light-weight alloy corrosion
Selected Publications
1.      Xiao J, Chaudhuri S. Design of Anti-Icing Coatings Using Supercooled Droplets as Nano-to-Micoscale Probes. Langmuir. 2012; 28: 4434-4446.
2.      Xiao J, Chaudhuri S. Predictive modeling of localized corrosion: An application to aluminum alloys. Electrochimica Acta. 2011; 56: 5630-5641.
3.      Xiao J, Huang YL, Manke C. Design of sustainable multifunctional nanocoatings: A goal-driven multiscale systems approach. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering.  2011; 19: 666-673. 
4.      Xiao J, Huang YL, Manke C. Computational design of thermoset nanocomposite coatings: Methodological study on coating development and testing. Chem. Eng. Sci. 2010; 65: 753-771. 
5.      Xiao J, Huang YL, Manke C. Computational design of polymer nanocomposite coatings: A multiscale hierarchical approach for barrier property prediction. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2010; 49: 7718-7727. 
6.      Xiao J, Huang YL. Microstructure-property-quality-correlated paint design: an LMC-based approach. AIChE J.  2009; 55: 132-149. 
7.      Xiao J, Huang YL. Computational design of nanopaint: An integrated, multiscale process and product modeling and simulation approach. Chapter 87, in: El-Halwagi M, Linninger A. Design for Energy and the Environment.  NW: Taylor & Francis Group, 2009: 897-905.
8.      Xiao J, Li J, Piluso C, Huang YL. Multiscale characterization of automotive surface coating formation for sustainable manufacturing. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2008; 16: 416-423. 
9.      Xiao J, Huang YL, Lou HH. A probability distribution estimation based method for dynamic optimization. AIChE J.  2007; 53: 1805-1816. 
10. Xiao J, Huang YL, Qian Y, Lou HH. Integrated product and process control of single-input-single-output systems. AIChE J.  2007; 53: 891-901. 
11. Xiao J, Li J, Lou HH, Xu Q, Huang YL. ACS-based dynamic optimization for curing of polymeric coating. AIChE J.  2006; 52: 1410-1422. 
12. Xiao J, Li J, Lou HH, Huang YL. Cure-window-based proactive quality control in topcoat curing. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2006; 45: 2351-2360. 
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