Name:YE Chunnuan
Tel: 86-512-65880656
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 Instructor (Materials Science)
B.Sc. Soochow University (1999)
MA.Sc. Soochow University (2002)
Ph.D. Fudan University (2005)
Research Interests:
Preparation of nanostructures, surface modification and their applications for nanodevices.
Representative Publications
1.         Chunnuan Ye, Kaibo Zheng, Guorong Chen. Work function measurement for Ag-TCNQ (TCNQ =tetracyanoquinodimethane) nanowires. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2012, 12: 1-3. 
2.         Kun Jiang, Chunnuan Ye,  Peipei Zhang,  Xiaosong Wang, Youliang Zhao*, One-pot controlled synthesis of homopolymers and diblock copolymers grafted graphene oxide using couplable RAFT agents, Macromolecules, 2012, 45, 1346-1355.
3.         Chunnuan Ye, Guanying Cao, Kaibo Zheng, Guorong Chen. Photochromic and Field Emission Properties of Ag-TCNQ Micro/Nanostructures, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., 2011, 276: 012198.
4.         Chunnuan YE, Weina QI, Xinhua YU,Peipei ZHANG, Tengteng HOU, Youliang ZHAO. Facile synthesis of silica-polymer hybrids via simultaneous RAFT process and hydroxyl-alkoxysilane coupling reaction. Front. Chem. China, 2011, 6: 213-220. (invited contribution)
5.         Peipei Zhang, Kun Jiang, Chunnuan Ye, Youliang Zhao. Facile synthesis of V-shaped copolymer brushes grafted onto the surface of graphene oxide via coupling reactions. Chem. Commun., 2011, 47, 9504-9506.
6.         Chunnuan Ye, Kaibo Zheng, Wenlong You, Guorong Chen. On the morphology, structure and field emission properties of silver-tetracyanoquinodimethane nanostructures. Nanoscale Research Letters, 2010, 5: 1307–1312.
7.         K. B. Zheng, H. T. Shen, C. N. Ye, J. L. Li, D. L. Sun and G. R. Chen, The Electrical Switching Characteristics of Single Copper Tetra-cyanoquinodimethane Nanowire. Nano-Micro Letters, 2009, 1, 23-26.
8.         Chunnuan Ye, Guanying Cao, Fang Fang, Dalin Sun, Guorong Chen. Morphology investigation of Ag(TCNQ) synthesized by the vapor-transport reaction method. Micron, 2005, 36: 461-464.
9.         Guanying Cao, Chunnuan Ye, Fang Fang, Xiaoyan Xing, Huahua Xu, Dalin Sun, Guorong Chen. Scanning electron microscopy investigation of Cu-TCNQ micro/nanostructures synthesized via vapor-induced reaction method. Micron, 2005, 36: 267-270.
10.     Guanying Cao, Chunnuan Ye, Fang Fang, Xiaoyan Xing, Huahua Xu, Dalin Sun, Guorong Chen.Crystalline quasi-one-dimensional Ag-TCNQ micro/nanostructures synthesized by solution reaction. Materials Science & Engineering: B. 2005, 119: 41-45.
11.     Chun-nuan Ye, Guan-ying Cao, Xiao-liang Mo, Fang Fang, Xiao-yan Xing, Guo-rong Chen, Da-lin Sun. Growth mechanism of vertically aligned Ag(TCNQ) nanowires. Chinese Physics Letter. 2004, 21(9): 1787-1790.
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