Name:YAN Jilin
Title:Associate Professor
Tel: 86-13372103195
Fax: 86-512-62930812

Group Website
B.Sc. Nanjing University (2000)
Ph.D. Chinese Academy of Sciences (2006)
Research Interests: luminescence detection for sensors, molecules recognition and related biosensors.
Representative Publications
1. Simple ChemiluminescenceAptasensors Based on Resonance Energy Transfer Y.Q. Jin, W.J. Shi, Mengyun Zhou, Y.F. Tu, J.L. Yan, Anal. Sci. 2011, 27, 1185-1190
2. An exercise degree monitoring biosensor based on electrochemiluminescent detection of lactate in sweat X. Cai, J.L. Yan, H.H. Chu, M.S. Wu, Y.F. Tu, Sensor. Actuat. B. 2010, 143, 655-659
2. Aptamer-based microfluidic device for enrichment, Sorting, and detection of multiple cancer cells Y. Xu, J. A. Phillips, J. L. Yan, Q. G. Li, Z. H. Fan, and W. H. Tan Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 7436–7442
2. Dye-doped nanoparticles for bioanalysis J.L. Yan, M. Estevez, J. E Smith, K. M. Wang, X. X. He, L. Wang, W. H. Tan, Nano Today 2007, 2, 44-50
3. Fabrication of a poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based electrochemiluminescence detection cell for capillary electrophoresis J. L. Yan, X. R. Yang, E. K. Wang, Anal. Chem. 2005, 77, 5385-5388
5. Fabrication of integrated microelectrodes for electrochemical detection on electrophoresis microchip by electroless deposition and micromolding in capillary technique, J. L. Yan, Y. Du, J. F. Liu, W. D. Cao, X. H. Sun, W. H. Zhou, X. R. Yang, E. K. Wang Anal. Chem.2003, 75, 5406-5412
6. 现代仪器分析 屠一锋,严吉林,龙玉梅,张钱丽 编著 科学出版社,2011年6月第一版
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