Name:ZHOU Weiqun

Tel: 86-512-65882049 (Lab)

Fax: 86-512-65880089 (o)

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B.Sc. Suzhou University (1984)

M.Sc. Suzhou University (1999)

Ph.D. Nanjing University Science and Engineering (2005)

Research Interests: synthesis, structure, and photoelectronic properties of thiourea and urea derivatives; design, synthesis and properties of rare earth metal complexes; fluorescence and excited state deactivation mechanism.

Representative Publications

1. Structure and vibrational spectra of the thiourea derivative and its complex with Ni (), W. Q. Zhou*, L.M Zhu, Y. Zhang, Zh. F. Yu, L .D .Lu, X. J. Yang, Vib. Spectrosc.2004, 36(1),73

2. Structural and spectral studies of N-(4-chloro) benzoyl - N′4-tolylthiourea , W. Q. Zhou*, B. L. Li, L.M Zhu, J. G. Ding, Y. Zhang,, L .D .Lu, X. J. Yang,  J. Mol. Struc.2004, 690(1-3, 145

3. N-benzoyl-Nˊ-dialkylthiourea derivatives and their Co() complexes: Structure, and antifungal, W. Q. Zhou*, W. Yang, L. Q. Xie, X. Ch. Cheng, J. Inorg. Biochem., 2005, 99, 1314

4. Structure  and Stability of thiourea with water,  DFT and MP2 calculations, W. Q. Zhou*, W. Yang, L. H. Qiu, J..Mol. Struc. (Theochem, 2005, 730, 133

5. The Investigation on the Relative Stability of Different Clusters of Thiourea Dioxide in Water Using Gas Phase Quantum Chemical Calculations, K. Peng L. J. JingW. Q. Zhou*, W. YangM. Li, Int. J. Quantum Chem., 2009, 109, 1368

6. Theoretical Study on Interactions Between Theorea S-Monoxide and Water , K. PengW. YangW. Q. Zhou*, Int. J. Quantum Chem K. Peng L. J. JingW. Q. Zhou*, W. Yang2009, 109, 811

7. A new crystal structure and fluorescence property of N-2-flurobenzoyl-N0-4-tolylthiourea, Wei Zhu, Wen Yang, Weiqun Zhou*, Huanhuan Liu, Shuanghua Wei, Jianfen Fan, Journal of Molecular Structure 1004 (2011) 74–81

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